Best Rock Music Movies

┬áNo matter how hard we strive to avoid the cliche of mainstream rock culture, in today’s hyperspeed culture we must admit this to be quite difficult. Yes, you can still escape musical commercialism to any underground music scene, but you cannot avoid what is being done to our pioneers and heroes in Hollywood. So instead of fighting the inevitable, why don’t you give a chance to some of the most entertaining rock music movies? Here’s a quick list you can binge watch!

1) This Is Spinal Tap was released in 1984 and almost 20 years later, the movie was deemed by the U.S Congress Library historically & culturally important piece of cinematic art. Although the movie didn’t create much of a box-office success, it became more of a cult movie about stereotypical rock-artists with heavy british accent and high musical aspirations. Several real rock-stars admired the movie and confessed that much of what is seen in the movie does in fact reflect real life rock-musicians’ life. If Ozzy say’s its true, then it must be so!

2) Quite frankly finding decent rock-music themed movies today is a disheartening process. That’s why we reluctantly add Jack Black’s “School of Rock” to this list. Not because the movie was great, but due to lack of alternative movies. I mean it was between this and Tenacious D movie! You do the math. Anyway School of Rock does a decent job in communicating rock & roll music to young children, who nowadays don’t even know what rebel against the authority means. The movie did gross over $130 million and was at the time best selling musical movie of all time. But still, come on. Jack Black, really?3) If you really desire to dive in to the unexplainble world of rock music, you must watch Pink Floyd’s 1982 “The Wall“. We suspect the authors of this bizarre musical drama weren’t necessarily writing without the help of certain substances deemed highly illegal. Nevertheless, this metaphorical and symbol-dominated journey to someone’s troubled (or genius) mind is truly mindboggling experience. You find yourself asking why you’re watching it, but you are too curious to stop. And upon finishing, you ask yourself what in the world did you just watch? At the end you’ll watch it again. That is a sign of a truly great musical masterpiece quite frankly par to none.