Best Rock Bands of All Time

The Rock Legends That Still Rock You

Rock legends of all time; The Free, Led Zeppelin, The Queen, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Jimmy Hendrix Experience, touched our souls and made us uncontrollably play the air guitar.

Who are You’re Rock Soulmates on Your Life’s Journey?

Best Rock Bands of All Time

Ever since the dawn of Rock and Roll, thousands of rock bands have come and gone. Some left their indelible mark on our souls and then suddenly as they came slipped away into the Rock and Roll ether. The ones we still listen to today, are the greatest who have stood the test of time.

Rock legends of all time who not only touched our souls but became part of our lives; loves, inner conflicts, gave us solitude and made us jump up and down strum the air as we imagined ourselves, as Paul Kossoff of the Free or Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin or the legendary Jimi Hendrix. Who can forget the extroverted passionate performances of Freddie Mercury and the Queen?

The list is endless but of course, everyone has their favorites and if yours is not mentioned here does not mean that they are less talented or great than those mentioned.

The Fab Four

Let’s start with the group that became fab four from Liverpool and changed the face of 50’s music merging the influences that range from the beat, rock and roll, skiffle, hard rock, to pop to Indian, psychedelia. I am of course talking about The Beatles from the 60’s with Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Star.

Led Zeppelin Purveyors of Rock Blues and Psychedelia

Another English rock band of the late 60’s that raised hairs on the back of the neck is Led Zeppelin; Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, the drummer John Bonham and on the keyboards John Paul Jones. Their music is the epitome of blues, and psychedelia, driven by the heavy guitar playing of Jimmy Page. They are recognised as forebears of heavy metal.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hendrix’s mastery of the electric guitar is unrivaled and unsurpassed in the history of rock music. His genius was short lived only four years at the top, his music still edgy, on the periphery, yet now very mainstream. He is held in the highest regard as the most influential electric guitarist in the history of rock music. His music resonates his roots and that of Rock Music’s the Blues.