Best Metal Songs of 2017

Music with a Capitalized M(etal)If there’s no double drum pedal, it ain’t worth listening to

Year 2017 is not quite yet wrapped up, but I feel confident in listing few of the best metal songs released during this past year. Feel free to chip in with alternative views, or facts as they are nowadays better known.

Abbath – Winterbane

They look like modern day Kiss with somewhat darker masks andwWhen you first read the band name you might think someone made a typo with the missing “s” (Black Sabbath). But when you crank up the volume for the Winterbane song, you know Abbath is a real deal. Fantastic double-single drum pedal switches, hard guitar riffs combined with singer Abbath Doom Occulta’s dedicated voice (real name Olve Eikemo) hits home and hits hard.

Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns

The very first riff hits the listener hard, who then desires more and more as the song goes from intro, edge and chorus. This Swedish melodic death metal band goes all the way back to 1992 and you can definitely tell in the new Raise Your Horns song that they have no need to impress anybody. The song relies on simple yet effective melodies with a hint of Gaelic tradition, hard hitting riffs and seasoned voice of singer Johan Hegg. Truly a deadly combination and contender for the best metal song of 2017!

Best Metal Songs of 2017

Death Angel – The Moth

After a somewhat slow start, this American death metal band does what it does best: put all in through massive guitar riffs, fast drum lines and experienced vocals. The build-up to the chrous is pure perfection with massive alliance between guitarist Rob Cavestany and drummer Will Carroll. Furthermore, unlike the above mentioned songs, Death Angel includes guitar solos. To be honest the solo sounded like Metallica’s Hammett signature lines.

Once Human – Gravity

Let us add some fresh young blood to our list. From Los Angeles CA, Once Human released their first album in 2014 and became instant sensation. What makes “Gravity” such a special song? The song includes three different themes without sounding like a mushy pile of trash. Quite honestly the guitar riffs are some of the best I’ve heard in many years. Lauren Hart pours his soul into melodicall demanding vocals. I am personally stoked to see where Once Human will be in few years.

There you have it my dear headbangers! Let me know you’re favorites in case I missed promising newbies or seasoned old-timers.