Rock’n & TumbleI was made for rocking you bloggers, you were made for reading me! Very metal filled handshakes and high fives to all who have stumbled upon my personal metal-lair. Needless to say we are going to be discussing metal and rock-culture in this blog. However, if you insist on venting about something else, please know that I am (not) here for you. I may speak from behalf of others as well. If that hurts your feelings, then please note that if you look to the upper right corner of your screen, you see an icon “x”. Feel free to press the button every time you might feel offended or vulnerable. I promise it will make you feel better immediately.

Who, What & Huh? Now that I’ve offended at least 33% of people who somehow made their way from Youtube cat videos to my nascent blog, allow me to speak to like-minded readers about my motives for “Rock’n & Tumble”. No, I am not trying to monetize our love for metal & rock music (although it would be nice). And no I am not doing to add followers to Instagram (but please do follow xyz). I am merely contributing for the sake of our existence. Quite frankly, our music culture has stumbled and tumbled against pop-culture where music is supposed to be commercialized, politicized and even stupefied mesh of incoherent messages and mundane sounds. In other words we are all here to put metal and rock back to the black!

It Is Our DutyYes, I’m well aware of the paradox of duty in rock music culture. We’re bound to nobody because we are rebels. Let freedom ring! Yet have you noticed the lack of new Led Zeppelins, Doors, Metallicas, AC/DCs and etc? Literally every other music genre has had their New Renessaince except metal and rock. Why is that? Maybe because we don’t care? Now isn’t that a paradox: our philosophy of rebellion is going to wipe us out. That’s why I started this blog: to discuss metal & rock from their original philosophical context. We need to get new names out there so that we can live up to the Great Rock & Roll pioneers, who brought us here.

You must choose my brothers and sisters whether you want to be part of the problem or you want to be part of the solution. If you choose the latter, please bookmark this page and let’s get started.