Music Themed Slot Games

Online slots are the most popular and beloved of all casino games. There are literally thousands to choose from, and software developers are always looking to surprise players with innovative designs and rewarding game-play. It’s only logical that music is one of the greatest inspirations behind the creation of slots.

Best British Rock and Metal Bands

God Save British Rock Tea, Biscuits and Some Heavy Riffs and Bass Lines. Please. Believe it or not, but once upon a time there was an era when rock-music was on top of the musical food-chain/hierarchy and ruled humanity’s thirst of music. This rock-era was preceded by malevolent dark times.

Best Rock Music Movies

No matter how hard we strive to avoid the cliche of mainstream rock culture, in today’s hyperspeed culture we must admit this to be quite difficult. Yes, you can still escape musical commercialism to any underground music scene, but you cannot avoid what is being done to our pioneers and.

Most Popular Metal and Rock Festivals

Popular Rock and Meta Music Festivals Rock & Metallica and music festivals continue to thrive and feature all your favourites; from giants of Rock and Metallica to today’s established and up and coming younger Rockers. Once Up on a Time When Flower Power Reigned The most famous of music festivals,.

Best Rock Bands of All Time

The Rock Legends That Still Rock You Rock legends of all time; The Free, Led Zeppelin, The Queen, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Jimmy Hendrix Experience, touched our souls and made us uncontrollably play the air guitar. Who are You’re Rock Soulmates on Your Life’s Journey? Ever since the dawn.

Best Metal Bands of All Time

Metal music: a sub-genre of rock music defined by heavy guitars and normally a deep voiced singer, sometimes a screaming one. Let’s take a look at some of the best metal bands of all time. Black Sabbath It only seems right to start off with the band that many call.

Best Metal Songs of 2017

Music with a Capitalized M(etal)If there’s no double drum pedal, it ain’t worth listening to Year 2017 is not quite yet wrapped up, but I feel confident in listing few of the best metal songs released during this past year. Feel free to chip in with alternative views, or facts.

Top 5 Rock-Themed Slot Games

Slots are one of the most popular forms of casino games and what better way to make them even more popular then to give them a rock theme. In the following article we outline the top rock themed slots currently out there. Motorhead NetEnt’s slot is one of those that.